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Does this sound familiar? 

  • You know what you want, or need to do but there isn't enough hours in the day

  • You make promises to yourself and others that you're not able to keep

  • You feel worse the more you try to do

  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck in a vicious cycle

  • You feel as though your business or work is running you

  • You are fearful of being sidelined and losing it all.


Hi, I'm Josie 

I know what it’s like when you feel as though there is just not enough time. Not enough time to do all the things you need to do to be on top of your game, let alone all of the things you want to do. Perhaps you feel like you need to clone yourself to get at least half the stuff done, you dream about escaping from it all, or you’re fearful of what could be if you don’t start to take time out for yourself.


After over 15 years working in the corporate world in advisory roles, as an athlete and now a business owner, I know what it takes to be on top of your game when time feels against you. I have qualifications and experience in psychology, professional coaching, sports training and development, and nutrition giving me a holistic view of wellbeing and what it takes to maintain peak performance.



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Supporting kaimahi
as a giver 

How we can help you 

Whether you're a business owner, team leader or player, we help to break the cycle through tailored performance and health coaching specific to your needs. 

Discuss & agree goal

Create a
step-by-step game plan

Bridge the gap between intent & action by overcoming limiting beliefs.
Achieve balance.

Be on top of your game

"To get to the top requires a step-by-step game plan with strategy to action. To stay on top requires consistency and balance"


Thank you Josie for supporting me with making those first small changes that have made a HUGE difference.  I had the privilege of having Josie as my Wellness Coach for 1 month.  Through our initial consultation, Josie came up with a plan for my upcoming weeks.  This plan left me with an achievable goal.  The changes have been stunning!!  After just 1 week I noticed changes in my energy levels, felt less stressed because there was a plan to follow and Josie helped me to understand eating habits and what was suitable for me leaving me feeling incredibly relieved!  I cannot recommend Josie's services enough. 



Thank you Josie for supporting me with finally reaching my goals. There was a block from me achieving these and with your gentle guidance I was able to accomplish these. You are amazing and I will be recommending anyone interested in focusing on their wellness to come to you.



Josie helped me slow my brain down. She got me to write a MASSIVE to-do list, break it into manageable chunks, delegate, realise what was important to me and what wasn't and help me act as though I'd known that all along. I felt like I'd be a better boss, a better wife and a better friend and all round a better human when I finally got things under control, but Josie helped me understand that I'd never have everything under control, and I could actually be that person anyway. It is, and will be something I need to consistently work at, but the things I've been taught are really helping and I feel like I'm getting my life back!


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